The short message service popularly known as SMS has always had a huge impact on our lives. Few years back, this service was used for chatting with one another however, with the evolution of our mobile phones from normal handsets to smart phone off course chatting portion has got shifted to applications but, this short message service remains to be one of the most useful services provide to us so far. Today, transactional Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS pack, group SMS and so on has become quite useful not from only personal but from business point of view as well. Any announcement can be done easily by sending group SMS to numerous people.

Now a days Transactional SMS has gained more popularity all over the world. SMS is mostly used by a number of companies for marketing, promotion and other business activities. In transactional service, we can send the message only to the subscribe people and the content of the message should be only transactional/informative. These transactional SMS go from a exceptional 6 alpha character sender ID, e.g. – Airlines/Railway alerts, transaction alert and etc are the examples of transactional Bulk SMS. E-commerce Companies, Educational institutions, banking sectors mostly use this transactional SMS method.

VSP Innovations brings you an easy and accessible transactional SMS gateway where you can register your company and send bulk SMS transactional SMS in an easy way.

The short SMS service is plenty useful to us in numerous ways, mainly it is useful because

Instant communication

Whether you are promoting something or need a feedback, people are not always free to pick up your call and entertain you. Thus, sending an instant text can not only remind them of you but would also give them time to respond positively.

Send SMS online

Our service also allows you to send SMS through internet. The receiver would get your text as it is along with your number. The best part is you don't have to spend on buying a SMS pack or typing a text. Just assign it to us we will handle the mobile SMS service for you.

Detail of transactions

One cannot reach to the bank and get the pass book updated to check their credit and debit statuses and thus transactional SMS service stands to be important for many of us. We don't have enough time to spend and this is where you can leave the service of transactional bulk SMS on us.


There are times when having lots of promotional SMS bug you and here is when DND SMS comes into picture, so now you can understand that SMS services are not just to communicate but also to stop unwanted communication.

Our team is well versed with services like mobile SMS, group SMS, bulk SMS pack and transactional SMS service. We see to it that our clients are satisfied with the output that we provide. We have specialists from different fields that are given the charge of handling that particular set of service. We see to it that we reach out to our potential clients do not find any reason to deny our offer. Our goals are set that, we ensure that the service is going to be delivered to you effectively and efficiently.